Going to Portland for awhile

Well this is going to be the last post for a little while.  I have decided to take a break for about a month.  I am flying to Portland tomorrow.  I was riding out of Aculpulco in over a hundred degrees stressing and realizing that right now my heart is not in this.  It has been an amazing trip with experiences I couldnt have dreamed of.  It exceeded my mental expectation of what the trip could be.  I met incredible people, experienced and was enveloped in a rich culture that I have fallen in love with, my body is happy and content, my mind has expanded and grown, and my heart has opened and embraced many.  Much of my heart will stay in Mexico.  I am very sad to leave.  I am very bumbed to be spending my last days in Aculpulco.  It is a tourist trap piece of shit rapped in an eye catching void filling bow.  I would love for my last day to be eating some 4 peso tacos off the street with a chicken running by and a truck full of 20 smiling waving kids passing by screaming ¡Que Onda Guero!  But I will be back to Mexico, very soon.

I hope to meet my friend Vincant in a month in Oaxaca and continue but we will see what happens.  I love this country. I realize that there is lots of thoughts about Mexico that are pretty negative. I cant recall the amount of emails and messages saying, “No Mexico!”  Your gonna die man.  Lock up all your things!  I feel more comfterble here then i do in the states.  People are warm and they really care.  Frequently I was invited into house, Quince Años fiestas, fish fries, and taken under there wing.  I have never felt so comfertable.  People slow down on the roads and pass at our speeds and through beer and candy out the window.  People care.  Just cause there was a drug bust in Tijuana does not mean all of Mexico is bad! 

As for now, I am going to go spend some much needed time with my family and friends.  I might even eat a hamburger!  Im not so certain yet but I never really am certain of what Im gonna do next and thats why im smiling right now.  Oaxaca is the most likely thing though.

The last thing ill say is that I encourage everyone to do the wild thing there kicking around in there head.  Talking to people on the road the most frequent remark was, “Wow, I wish I could do somethng like that”.  You can!!!  Theres a way.  Thanks to all of my biking buddies from the road:  Jackie, Vincant, Jason, Michael, Terry, Anne, Nichole, Brian, SLO dread girl, and to anyone who so much as threw a thumb out the window.  On the hard days this helps more then you no.  Thank you for all of the support mom and dad!  You have helped me so much along the road in tight spots and just being able to here your support.  I cant wait to see you all!  Lots of love, keep smiling.

Happy Trails,


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Back to the Bike!

Hey folks, tomorrow I am finally getting back on the bike to continue on south.  I feel that Michoacan and la placita have become a home and I plan to return to live for awhile.  I have been offered a peace of property from a friend luis who I consider a brother to build a little palapa on the river in a beautiful valey. 

I am really excited to get back peddaling, although I am very out of shape.  The ride to this internet cafe about did me in.  All is well and I hope all is for you to.  I will return with some really epic road stories.  Love.

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Guadalajara- back to the bike

Hey, this is a quick update.  I am currently at a hostel in Guadalajara about to head back today to la placita with some friends from Spain that just happened to be here!  We met before in La Placita during Semana Santa.  I will be getting back on the bike in about 5 days with Vincant who is now in Tecoman, 100km north of la placita.  Very excited to get on the bike but I am sad to leave all of my friends and its been fun footing around.  Happy Trails!

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Tequis, DF, and Influenza

So it has been a very long time since I have updated my blog.  A lot has happened since leaving Ziuat.  Getting out proved to be very stressfull.  I got taken by cab to the exit in the wrong direction and began to try hitchhiking back through Ziuat and to the north.  After no luck for hours it dawned on me that almost all of these people were heading into town. I hoped a shuttle bus back into town and decided to spend the night at the hostel there and deal with it in the morning.  I met some really awsome folks at the hostel and the 7 of us went out to see a show at the guitar festival in town.  It was really a great time, with music from all over latin america and a few american artists.

I caught a commuter shuttle the next morning to the exit of town and was picked up in 20 minutes by a trucker heading to Lazaro Cardenas.  This was about half way so I happily accepted.  He was a great guy and we had fun talking on the way.  When we arrived there he parked his truck in the work lot and him and his family were about to go to the beach.  This was north and they offered to take me up to Playa Azul (another 50 km or so) so I took him up on it and got off and had a coke and stoke my thumb up again.  I got picked up by a truck full of teenagers going to a beach 60 km up the road.  They dropped me off and I walked to the exit of the small town for the next leg.  I spent 2 hours at a gas station at the end of town before getting a ride from a truck full of a large family.  Yes when I say full I mean I was sitting in the back with three generations of a family, we were riding 6 strong eating mangos on the back of this truck.  This is the Mexico I love. They took me to were they lived and dropped me off.  It was starting to get late and I decided to camp on a beach nearby because I didnt want to be stuck on the road at night.

The next day I was picked up by two americans that had moved to san pancho and another girl that had been hitching around as well.  She had many interesting storys from centeral and south america.  They dropped me off in La Placita and I walked down the dirt road to Pacha Mama, my new little beach palapa home for awhile.  It is a resturaunt/bar that is not opened or finished yet.  It is on a beautiful isolated beach.  There are 3 resturants and thats it.  It was a great reunion to see my friends Santiago, Gabriel, and Randy.

I spent about 2 weeks there.  Helping out here and there.  I helped split bamboo for the bamboo pillars, sawed wood, painted there sign, and dishes and things.  In return I get a place to stay, frequent meals, and all beer and soda at cost.  For the place, it is an awsome deal.  While there we celebrated Santiagos birthday and Samana Santa.  This is a 4 day long holiday and lots of friends of Santis and Gabriels came from Mexico city, And Gueretaro and around mexico.  There was about 20 of us there it was really a blast.  I got to meat some really amazing people.  Starting this trip I really had a goal in mind to meet lots of people my age and see the younger people of Mexico.  In this last month I have met at least 40 awsome people in my age group.  Many of them doing incredible things.

We set off about two weeks ago to climb Izta, we had planned to hitch hike but Randy needed to pick up a freezer from Gueretaro so he drove us there and then DF (mexico city).  We planned to do Izta the next day.  When we woke up are friend we were going to do it with, Sebastian, informed us that the mountain was closed do to dangerous glacier conditions at the top and military personal were not letting anyone past camp two.  This was a big bummer but we accepted it and it was cool cause Mexico city, although extremley obnoxious has some amazing stuff to see.

Over the next week I spent a lot of time getting shown around and introduced to people.  We spent a day down town checking out historic buildings.  My friend Sebastian is an expert on Mexican history so I learned a lot.  The city is sinking!!!  It is built on one of the biggest lagoons in the world ( the size of most the enormous city) and on top of that it is built on an enormous Mayan civilazation.  We are buying Tacos on top of sacraficial tempals!!!  We also checked out some art museums and drove out of the city to do a hike up to an old ruin.

So, about the influenza.  I just got off the phone with my dad who seemed to be pretty worried and im sure there our others to.  Please do not worry, this is something that has really been drummed up.  People are freaking out for no reason.  100 people have died in DF from this so far.  There are 30,000,000 people living there.  I am not saying im not being cautious but the one and four people wearing masks is really overkill.  Theres all these people trying to give you free masks at the subway entarance, forcing them on you as if its your last hope.  Its really bizare.  They even have closed many bars, and the soccer games cant have fans attending!  This is a HUGE deal for the government to do this and its got a lot of people pissed.  People put all of there hearts into soccer here and its a really big statement.  All im saying is, dont worry about it, I am washing my hands and I dont lick seats in the subway : )

After DF me and Santiago took a bus to Queretaro were we met and hung out with many friends of his.  Many to that I had met from before during Semana Santa.  We checked out Queretaro which is a beautiful city, on my top so far in Mexico.  It was a very friendly fun place to be.  After that we hopped on a bus to Tequisquiapan which is where I still am.  I have been here now for 4 days and been haveing a blast.  The people here are really cool.  The day before yesterday we went camping an hour and a half away with some friends and a bunch of old teachers of theres from Australia, the UK, and Canada.  They are all teaching at the english school they went to.  Fun group of folks.

Next we will go back to DF and hopefully get a shot at doing Izta and after that its back to la playa.  I will be meeting my friend Vincant soon who has just left Puerto Vallarta today and should be in La Placita in 8-14 days (there are no specifics in bike tour time).  I am very excited to get on the bike.  We will be biking through Oaxaca and Chiapas, a place I have been reapedidly hearing amazing things about.  I am planning to get picked up and do a break to drive out to Tulum and through the Yucatan with Sebastian and some of his family.  I hope that works out.

I hope all is well and people are smiling.

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This last week has been pretty amazing.  My dad and Madeline flew in and we have spent the week hanging out at a condo.  It has been incredible seeing them both.  I am very sad now though because there leaving today.  While they were here we did a lot of kicking back, went snorkling, constantly swimming in the ocean, and me and Madeline rented a jet ski.  (I tipped it).

I am now headed on the road with my backpack to hitch hike around and make an attempt on the volcano Izta southeast of Mexico City.  I am looking forward to this and taking a break from the bike.  Happy trails to all of you!

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Everything is Falling Apart! And lifes good

Hello folks.  Greetings from Playa Azul.  We are still on the pacific going from beach to beach for lots of beautiful camping and riding as well.  However we are rolling and three bikes with lots of miles on them.  In the past week we have had:

a snapped frame, a broken derailer, a cracked rim, at least 8 flats, another more severley cracked rim and lots of little odds and ends.  The great thing about Mexico is the peoples ability to whip up quick repairs.  Jackie got an entire wheel with a functioning cassette and freewheel for 10 dollars, Jason got his frame welded back together in minutes for 1.50.  We are rolling good now and continue to head south.

I have developed a plan for afterword.  I have about a month to kill while I wait for Vincant to get back and catch up so I am going to hitch hike around and check inland out and climb that volcano Izta I was talking about earlier.  Im really excited to take a break from the bike.

Since the last post we have passed the states of Jalisco, Colima, and Michocan and tomorrow we pass into Guerrero.  Michocan has a beautiful undeveloped coast and the cycling is great.  Love you all.

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Some strange events

On the way to Chacala my bike worked itself back out of funcionality from the crash.  I ended up stuck in this extremley small little beach town 12 KM off the hishway.  It was cool, I got a free place to camp and spent about 5 days there.  3 days into it I was sitting on the beach at my little camp and all of a sudden I here somewhat shout my name and I turn around and its Jackie from the oregon coast!  The first person I had met to bike with on the trip. I didnt even know he was on the mainland and we all of a sudden met up on this little beach way off the beatin path.  He was with another cyclist, Jason who had started in Alaska.  We all got caught up and since they were both mechanics they were able to get my bike functional and so we are now all riding together!  At least until Zihuantejo.  We are now in Salulita, this is my second time here and a much different experience.  From a family Vaction to bike tour mode you have totally different agendas.  The town is getting extremley developed and has changed dramaticcaly even in the short time it was that I was here last.  Today we are going to head south and try to blast past Puerto Vallarta.  Happy Trails to all.

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South of Mazatlan so far

Hi there from Zacaluapan. I have been biking the coast the last days and it has been quite a trip. I left Mazatlan the day after the Swiss crew headed out (right after my last post). The scenery is starting to get somewhat of a beachy jungaly feel with lots and lots and lots of bugs. Im not quite gonna say its as bad as Alaska, but the no-see-ums in San Blas were loco.

I left Mazatlan to come across an extremley sketchy hotel in Villa Union 30 Km south of town. It was five dollars so I took it and quickly realized my mistake. I dont even want to repeat the whole story on my blog but the hotel was pretty much a front for some very wierd stuff going on there. I woke to a rat on the bed and was out at first light.

the next day I ended a great ride in a beautiful town called Esuinapa de Hidalgo. I found a hotel for 6 dollars there that was quite amazing for the price and had a great time with the local bike guy, he ended up being a little wierd but he had a very good heart.

Next I cruised on the toll road to Tecuela. First let me say that the toll roads are awsome. No one uses them because they are quite expensive considering the economy and they have great shoulders and are well maintained. I feel very safe when there are toll roads. I ended this day in a gorgous little town called Tecuala off the main road system and camped at the river there. It was amazing all the ways the people there were using this river. People were constantly coming in and out for soil for the garden, washing the clothes, bathing, or playing to. The familys were all very nice and extremley suprised to see a gringo passing through on a bike!

Next day I biked down a rather bland section of the toll road and lost a race with the sun forcing me to stay behind a resturaunt on the highway. Good chat with some folks there anyway.

The next day I was cruising and feeling mighty good. The sun wasnt out so I had my shirt off and the ride was beautiful cause I turned off the main road. I rolled down into a dip and was cruising pretty fast down a hill when I pack of dogs began the usual chase and bark at the bike routine. Let me say that these dogs are not like the ones in America. No ones petting them and loving them, there work dogs on a ranchero. I got really scared and picked up the speed. One of them tried to head me off and I hit him dead on stopping me. I flew over the bars and hit my head first (cant tell you how glad I am to have had a helmet…wear one). I also hit my kneew pretty hard and got 2 very deep cuts but overall considering the speed I was going I got very lucky. I doctored and treated my wounds while everyone just started at me and then hit the road kind of shookin up. It became quite evident that my derailer (device for shifting) was not functioning at all and my bike was really acting up. I stopped and tried to fix it but had to hitch hike the remaing 12 KM to San Blas. When I got there the guy dropped me off at a bike shop and the man looked at it and we both could see it was bent way out, in the US this would have been a for sure “you need a new one problem”. The man put my derailer in a vice grip and bent it straight making it function nicely. He also fashioned me a pin for my trailer that I had lost and ghetto rigged with a spoke. When I asked him how much he said go down the street and by me a coke. Great man.

San Blas. Lovely little town with a visible mix of fisherman, ex-patriots, and happy people. It is a truly beautiful spot. I spent my first night there with a man from Bend named Brett. He knew the school that I went to (MBA) and we hit it off really quick and had a fun night out. The next day he talked me into fishing with him. He knew a guy that had a really nice boat and was a big game fisherman. This is a little out of my thing but I was willing to try something new and I paid 30 dollars for what should have cost 600. We went like 20 miles off shore and didnt find anything but had a great time being out to see and joking around none the less. I spent this night at the beach in San Blas trying to make up for the thirty dollars from fishing. Eatin alive by bugs.

And now I am hear in zacaluapan. I am going to camp tonight in chacala and I have an easy 45 KM ride tomorrow to the lovely Salulita just north of Puerta Vallerta. I am excited to go back there. I just went this spring with Mom, Jon, and Madeline and we had an incredible time. Yes mom, Ill call you from there, eating one of roberts pastries!

Love You all,


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Mosh pit in Mexico

Hey folks, just a quick update from Mazatlan.  The last 5 days have been carnaval and it has been really amazing.  Everynight they close the streets and there are tons of huge stages set up all throught and the people get WILD.  I stopped at a stage that had a punk band and decided to go moshing.  The result is tons of bruises and I hit my face and smashed my glasses in half.  It was really still a blast though.  People really like to dance here. 

Vincant Michael, and the swiss girls are all heading to Puerta Vallerta tonight to take a plane back to Switzerland.  So once gain I am on my own.  It is really hard to decide what to do cause I have to get rid of a month somehow because he needs to return to catch up.    Well thats all for now, I will post when I decide what I am doing.  Mazatlan is great and an ok place to be stuck.  I do need to do some biking soon though or I will go crazy. 

Andale pues

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Hey guys, greetings from Mazatlan. I arrived three days ago by ferry. The trip was an 18 hour overnight boat ride, but it was really cool to wake up in Mazatlan.  It is a pretty big city, just a little smaller then Frisco.  Carnaval just started on the 19th so it has been one big party with music and lots of happy people.  Today my friend Vincent that I biked Baja with is coming up to Mazatlan by bus leaving his bike in Puerta Vallerta.  There is a good possiblilty we will proceed south together. I met a beautiful girl two days ago named KT who just went home last night.  It is really sad that we didnt get to spent more time together, she was really amazing.

I have been feeling kind of lonley latley.  I have been on the road for over 4 months now and had to many hellos and goodbyes with people I would love to spend a life getting to know. I still have drive to finish but a part of me is really missing a sense of community.  If the people of Mexico werent so friendly and open to begin with I dont think I could do this.  Love you all!

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